slipping into conformity.

Sipping through the green plastic straw that was from the signature Starbucks tumbler, I made my way through the hustle and bustle of the Kuala Lumpur city center. Pacing my way to the office without any delay as I hated the fact of being late, even for a second, thus I chose to get thereContinue reading “slipping into conformity.”

losing it.

time is dripping away so as my life force dwindling into subtle nothingness drifting away from consciousness i do not know how long or how far am i away from diving into an abysmal darkness, blackness. zip. my head had a mild trance. zip. not once, a frequent occurring issue an invisible, but palpable problem.Continue reading “losing it.”

Overthinking Overthinking

Unsettling, cacophonous, messed up. This is the life that I live, the brain that I have is ceaseless, restless and relentless. My mind is an enigma to me, to everyone, I can be directly straightforward with you without ever thinking of the consequences and I can be hiding behind the bushes whilst conjecturing every singleContinue reading “Overthinking Overthinking”

Dream Again.

I have a dream. I had a dream. I wanted to touch the skies As long as I am still alive. It was all just a dream. Life showed me The darkest side of Me, myself. Toxic, Diabolical, Irrational, Foolish. I went astray. Not even did I not realise it, I went even further, FurtherContinue reading “Dream Again.”

Swaying In Between

Pressing my eyes against the pillow, an effective way to put me to rest my mind, body and soul. I recalled holding my phone in my hands before drifting into my reverie. In my sway into unconsciousness, I caught myself watching an unfinished Youtube video. It felt real. I woke up, grabbing the air justContinue reading “Swaying In Between”

Pulled Away

Another day, another time wasted talking about change, but not executing it. I sat at the corner of my bed, scrolling mindlessly through my phone, shutting myself out of any form of life except from my phone. Occasionally, I would switch my thoughts to her, for awhile, but I knew, being me, I am notContinue reading “Pulled Away”

Breathe. In Remembrance.

Pulsating with life, consumed by the hustle and bustle; the ticks and tocks of reality, shanghaied the precious times for us to breathe. Waking up, rushing here, rushing there, get flabbergasted, sleep, repeat in a perennial loop of routine banality. What if I break this cycle? I chuckled to myself as I was getting late toContinue reading “Breathe. In Remembrance.”

Vagueness of Reality

Wandering, aimlessly in the pitch black dimension where light was scarce. Drifting, superficially on the baseless reality that we lived in. My thoughts were bulging, wrestling against my conscience about this hollow universe where our basis of living depended on chemical reactions and human reactions. Darkness had engulfed me fully, only hoping that the voidContinue reading “Vagueness of Reality”

Inner Battle

It’s March, a quarter of the year has gone, and I have deteriorated from bad to worse, and from worse to worst in a matter of a month. I have been neglecting sleep, studies, and devoted my life into indulging into non-existential stuffs, such as doing nothing, browsing mindlessly through Youtube and other social platforms.Continue reading “Inner Battle”