A Little Chat, A Whole New Insight.

The sun was merciless even before the last few hours when it would be dawned, even the A.C. was particularly hot in Malaysia which has only three seasons, hot, hotter, and very hot. I sunk myself into the beanbag where Des was crossing his legs on the floor, scrolling through his phone. “Stop scrolling throughContinue reading “A Little Chat, A Whole New Insight.”

Shalom (Finale)

“This is going nowhere John.” the grumpy voice said. “Everytime, you showed your ass up and tell me all these demotivating shit.” the first voice had lost himself. “Boys. Don’t quarrel.” the calm female voice tried to fan off the fire between them. “Sure. If you don’t believe me in saving this little miss, thenContinue reading “Shalom (Finale)”