Calligrapher Redesigns Famous Chinese Restaurants’ Name | Write With Ink | 墨迹

Dragon-i 龍的傳人 and Din Tai Feng 鼎泰豐 are both famous Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. Not only their food taste good, but they also have good logo designs of their restaurant’s name. Calligrapher Bryan is going to attempt to redesign their names with his own style and flair. Can he make their names look better?

3 Months

Fine. It had ended, three months of working in the food industry, more on the serving and management line. Broken free from the exploitation of my capabilities, and garnered a more than enough, valuable, painful, exhausting experience. 0600, I had to wake up, clean up, and walk to my work. Some Youtube and breakfast ofContinue reading “3 Months”