Equanimity Siege

“5 nautical miles.” the flurried voice blurred across our ears, “Subject closing in. Alpha, stand-by.” The operation was schemed three months beforehand, we knew the carriage was to be captured and to be seized by the Malaysia’s authorities, we were given orders to obliterate it into smithereens. Armed with an anti-matter grenade to destroy theContinue reading “Equanimity Siege”

人山人海 (五)

My legs were dysfunctional at this point of time. I took a day off from the trip, and slept until mid-afternoon, and was forced to wake up to attend an important wedding (which was apparently one of the main motives of this trip, which I did not realise until then) I had a beef noodleContinue reading “人山人海 (五)”


Another late start of the day, packing our bags, leaving XiaMen, going to our roots, NanAn, where it all began. My surname is 潘 (pan1), and I am really proud of it, cool name though. When you look into history, many game-changers have the same surname as me, I feel so badass. Random shots on theContinue reading “寻潘之根(五)”


I was sitting in the centre, staring blankly at the four walls, trying to purge some ideas on my writing after teaching my student. Nothing passed through my mind, it was hollow, blank, empty, nothing. I clasped my head, hoping that something productive would shed some light on me. Distant footsteps became conspicuous, it wasContinue reading “Affluence”