How to Build Momentum

Falling down in life is inevitable and the chances of people getting up are never on the bright side. Life is never a bed of roses and we should never underestimate the repercussions of losing momentum completely. If we were to lose momentum to life or to comfort or to conformity, we must know howContinue reading “How to Build Momentum”

Sit Down, Be Humble.

Sit down,  Be humble. Arrogance, The formidable nemesis. For years, Stunting my growth. Sit down, Be humble. Subconsciously, Hinted to me regularly. Too subtle, I gave no shits. Sit down, Be humble. Arrogance, Blinded me. Pride, Hindered me. Sit down, Be humble. Over-inflated ego, Fucked my vision up. Clouded perception, Fucked me up, thoroughly. SitContinue reading “Sit Down, Be Humble.”