Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




The sea was calm, cool and collected as I sailed through the resplendent blue reflected from the surface of the sea. I rowed my way along with the waves of the sea, orchestrated with the rhythm of my heart. My... Continue Reading →

Beyond 100

The morning sun tinted the sky with a light contour of yoke, beckoning the break of dawn at the wee hours of the day. I ran across the sand from my straw hut, stripping away my clothes and sandals as... Continue Reading →

Equanimity Siege

"5 nautical miles." the flurried voice blurred across our ears, "Subject closing in. Alpha, stand-by." The operation was schemed three months beforehand, we knew the carriage was to be captured and to be seized by the Malaysia's authorities, we were... Continue Reading →


Diving down with the usual depth, I swam with the breathing piece into the remnants of a derelict abandoned pirate ship. My mission was to retrieve whatever that was valuable there. I ransacked the location for treasure chests, jewelries and... Continue Reading →


The clouds were in a sporadic notion, moving slowly but not erratically. It was a good day to fish, I was sitting with my net untouched for half an hour, gracing upon the blue, blue oceans reflecting panels of light... Continue Reading →

Underwater Chase

The blueness of the vicinity painted the darkness of the depths of the sea with a little glimmer of hope. I was practicing my enhanced breathing mechanisms under the water, testing it out, hoping...

Anchoring Hope

The stirring of the raging Mother Nature was replaced with a rainbow, we lifted our heads up, letting ourselves bathe in the petrichor of the aftermath, showering ourselves in the ever-glowing sunshine of hope. 


Darkness was my boat, sailing in the sea of light, I was the only patch of stain on the glistening stretch of light. On a big scale, I was just a grain of sand compared to the beach, I was... Continue Reading →

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