Two Sisters

“Hahaha! Tag! Got’ya!” Yvonne crawled over to touch Cadence. “No! Shrieekkk! You are tagged, sis!” Cadence was not satisfied at all, she tagged Yvonne once they came in contact. “NO! You are!” the immensity of a puerile fight was about to break out. “You are!” “You…” “STOP IT!” I shouted, fierce, fiery, intending to end this andContinue reading “Two Sisters”

Nian (Part 2)

Last harvesting season, the inception hit us when we were least expected, when we were most vulnerable. The beast attacked us abruptly, devastated us, left us with the detritus of destruction, the carcass of life stocks, and no soul was gone in this incident. It was during a day, when routine was the same, theContinue reading “Nian (Part 2)”