Stressed Out

Sick, again. My body is weak. How can I fall sick twice in a two months span? Too much stress, I reckoned. It is not like I simply eat or sleep, All of it originated from stress, I did not cope well with it, I reckoned. Overthinking, Academics, relationships, handling people. Too much, why amContinue reading “Stressed Out”

All Out.

Uugh…┬áMy head was beating with the insidious pain, the call of sickness, the last thing that I wanted to encounter during this finals week. I paced myself back home, ate and drove, the illness was building up as I was heading back home. “Sleep. Just sleep.” I told myself, attempting to convince myself that thisContinue reading “All Out.”


Dying, physically. Not quite, mentally. Waves of impediments, Impaired my armaments. Sick, virus, pain, physical. Rest, healing, mental. Life puts a hiatus in my mess, Taken it, Came back in a mantle of battle, Glowing, ready to fight, The on-going battle of life. Being sick is a physical beat-down, But a mental rejuvenation, It isContinue reading “Sick”