love so simple

The somnolent gaze of the moon peeked through the window panes of the dimly lit living room where I sprawled across the sofa, lying lazily after a routine schedule of work. Jane was not home yet. Thousands of possibilities shot through my mind as I shut myself down with the time on the wall- 8.03Continue reading “love so simple”


Bathed, it was the dead of the night where everyone had shut off into their reverie where I was here, scoured away the burden that was adhesive to my body for the week. Wreathed in the towel, I leaped gently to the kitchen and grabbed the nail clippers in order to trim my nails. PickedContinue reading “Clipped”

We, Maybe.

Huff… Puff…┬áMy heart was beating at the rhythm of my pace, controlling it in order to run longer. Sweat was drenching me, the sun was merciless, I ran across that particular spot again. It was mid-summer, my running routine was in for months, I became better in running with time. This spot captured me becauseContinue reading “We, Maybe.”


The hall was filled with children, the febrile atmosphere, consuming everyone into a ride of excitement. I was assigned to play the slideshow after the speech was done. As the prompt was given to me, I clicked the mouse nonchalantly, having the simple faith that everything would turn up well. But, the screen only showedContinue reading “Plugged”

Usual Spot

John had his lunch at the same usual spot again, he quietly chewed his time away, without looking at the phone, instead staring around the vicinity, he relished what was outside the confined pixelated screen. The remnants of food was distinct in his every chew, he felt the small pieces rubbing against the walls ofContinue reading “Usual Spot”

Mind Over Matters

I was a little girl, I was a subject, blurred by the reality of growing up, my Quirk was slowly dissipating, the fragments of my past remained as cremains of my old self. Standing in the middle of the snow, thick coat wreathed around me, some thing clicked inside me, it was a distant memory,Continue reading “Mind Over Matters”