Drowning in Numbers

Flickering, out of nothingness, There was something, There is, smouldering. Never having ceding thought, I became the flint, The spark, the fire. 1, 2, 1,… A steady rhythm for one month, There was another┬ásomething, Subtle, insidious, unrevealing, A silent killer. Sauntering, He was about to become the forlorn ghost, Waning back from where it cameContinue reading “Drowning in Numbers”

Sinking Soil

The trees were sheltering the sweltering heat from the sun partially, I was sweating profusely, sticky to the touch of anything, my movements were sluggish, dragged down by my backpack, energy drained by the unduly heat. Breaking the last bead of sweat, my foot stepped into a vicinity of sand. Forest into a barren landContinue reading “Sinking Soil”