Chopin was playing into me as I was doing some maintenance for the spacecraft dangling by the extension from the hatch, receiving orders and intel from the cockpit. I trailed off into my work as the classical was helping me to zero in myself in order to fix this problem. “John, please hurry, you areContinue reading “Ergosphere”

Mind Deviation

The remnants of the space craft was the only company that I had after the intense outbreak in the intergalactic fight of the tyranny. We were the Resistance, and we suffered stellar losses but a phyrric victory. But… how… why… did I do that? Against the tyranny, we though we had no chance of winning, theirContinue reading “Mind Deviation”

Space Chase

Come on… Come on… I pushed the accelerator to the maximum, my space craft wafted in the void of nothingness, being chased by a few terror bots behind, proliferating as I was maneuvering the space craft. Come on… Light speed… Please… I jammed a few buttons frantically, hoping the sequence I entered was able to overwrite the system,Continue reading “Space Chase”