Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




Chopin was playing into me as I was doing some maintenance for the spacecraft dangling by the extension from the hatch, receiving orders and intel from the cockpit. I trailed off into my work as the classical was helping me... Continue Reading →

Mind Deviation

The remnants of the space craft was the only company that I had after the intense outbreak in the intergalactic fight of the tyranny. We were the Resistance, and we suffered stellar losses but a phyrric victory. But... how... why... did... Continue Reading →

Space Chase

Come on... Come on... I pushed the accelerator to the maximum, my space craft wafted in the void of nothingness, being chased by a few terror bots behind, proliferating as I was maneuvering the space craft. Come on... Light speed... Please... I jammed... Continue Reading →

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