All Out.

Uugh…┬áMy head was beating with the insidious pain, the call of sickness, the last thing that I wanted to encounter during this finals week. I paced myself back home, ate and drove, the illness was building up as I was heading back home. “Sleep. Just sleep.” I told myself, attempting to convince myself that thisContinue reading “All Out.”

I Need to, I Have to, I Must.

Anxiety, nervousness, fear. All of them attacking me at once. I am falling, My mind is clogged. Sleep is deprived. Too much, too many, Effort is not there, At all. Information, knowledge, Messed up. Fragmented lots, Unknown cavities, Conning against me, Killing me slowly, Efficaciously, Deadly. This STPM thing is slowly draining my life forceContinue reading “I Need to, I Have to, I Must.”