Point of No Return

I’m lost… Sauntering in the facade of reality, the cloak of nothingness, ain’t I…? Catching, holding my breath as I pushed myself through another routine day. My mind was racing from one thing to another, pacing quicker than I could think, but I felt that I was going nowhere. The upbeat chill pop, a background noise; the tappingContinue reading “Point of No Return”

Marching into The Valley of Change. (March Goals)

Being a complete failure last month, and even had a period where I became too lazy and stopped blogging for two weeks. It was a fucking disgrace. The change that I brought into my life had landed a negative impact on my life, the gaming life and once I was dragged into the pits ofContinue reading “Marching into The Valley of Change. (March Goals)”

Talking to Myself

Pain, once more. Less than 90 days, 88 days to be exact, counting down to the first term of STPM, I did nothing, less than expected. Why did I do so? Because I procrastinate, because I was asshole in time management, because I was obstinate to not join any tuition, because of me, and myself,Continue reading “Talking to Myself”