Let Me

It was perhaps the last day I would be meeting her, in this temporal period. My heart was pounding wildly, beating like the bass drums of my inner voices. Just tell her. Since it’s the last day. I cupped my hand against my racing heart, young blood. Sitting next to her for one last time, trickling ourContinue reading “Let Me”

Value The Temporal.

Photograph and post idea by : key_to_kye Inspired and influenced by : Dan Millest Full length image below: Time has labelled us with ‘expiry dates’, disregard of living or non-living things, we are stamped and deemed to be claimed by the void of nothingness itself. We are racing against time, to realise and to makeContinue reading “Value The Temporal.”

Temporary. Gone. Forever.

The coruscation of her reflection, the monitor shone in the dead of the night, my pupils dilated when her image materialised from thin air. Shimmering in the stars were the hopes, and memoirs of a distant past that felt as if it had happened yesterday. I reached out to touch her, regretting about the impromptuContinue reading “Temporary. Gone. Forever.”