New Breath

It has been two months since I last written, and a whole half of a year without writing consistently. I have been giving myself too many excuses as to not write something. The common ones were- “I’m too busy”, “I have nothing to write about”, “I am tired”, “After another Youtube video”, “Another match.”- stillContinue reading “New Breath”

burning a candle at both ends.

Here I am again, rambling through the frugality of the keyboard, drumming my thoughts and mind into the pixelated screen, letting them out to the world. I am never good with time and I want to change that- I want to be good with time- there are just way too many distractions at hand, especiallyContinue reading “burning a candle at both ends.”

Delaying the Scam

“Hello? Is this Mr. John?” the voice has a very strong Indonesian dialect, slightly mutated into a robotic voice right after, “I am calling from the HSBC bank.” scammer, this is going to be entertaining. “Yes.” I intercepted his introduction, “How can I help you?” Let him speak first. Then we could have some fun, I thought, hisContinue reading “Delaying the Scam”


Anxiety slunk into my throat as I caught my breath haphazardly with my katana was drawn out for an anticipated exchange with my master. I was told that I would be tested to achieve the highest rank of a samurai. This is the pinnacle, I must pass this test, I took a deep breath, no matter what. RecitedContinue reading “Disgraceful”

Impromptu, Unprecedented.

Morning, 5.00 a.m. still laying on bed procrastinating on assignments that needed to be handed in in two days. I was still having the pangs of sickness lingering in my head, my throat, my body, I was told by my mum not to go teach today, but I cared less, that was the moment IContinue reading “Impromptu, Unprecedented.”

Hardship vs. Grittiness

Share some love to this ardent, pundit photographer and his brilliant post idea by visiting and follow his Instagram:  key_to_kye (inspired by Miles Toulmin) Full length photo below: Life is never a bed of roses, nor it is always an undulating path to live through. Impeccability has been one of the abjured ambitions of humansContinue reading “Hardship vs. Grittiness”

Precision And Skill

This was the test which could earn me a spot in the most prestigious medical university in Japan. It would be an honour to enter this university to learn and to hone medical skills. The enter test was a major concern to all of us, nobody had ever divulge any information about it, so IContinue reading “Precision And Skill”