Carousel Chaos

Zephyr tingled my skin in the dead of the night, the metallic AK slung across my back, jaunting with the need to kill. I was being sent here by my thirst to exorcise this place, it was a derelict theme park, with rusty attraction games, eerie gleaming lights, torn down tents, filled with the onlyContinue reading “Carousel Chaos”

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park (Honest Review)

I’m late.┬áIt was nine in the morning, which is the time we were supposed to meet up at the rendezvous point to take a GrabCar to Sunway Lagoon. I apologised for being the late one, and got into the car off to Sunway Lagoon theme park. It was way cheaper than expected for the carContinue reading “Sunway Lagoon Theme Park (Honest Review)”