Perennial Loop

I caught hold of her inside my hands, bloodied, yet still pumping wearily with life, the transient moment where I might lose her. She was draining away into the dead, the stone cold ground was the last place she would land unto her death. I held the paroxysm of grief in me, shouting words inContinue reading “Perennial Loop”

Chained Parapet #Finale

  “This is bad. Should we end this experiment now?” I flushed my way through the monks, against the ranks of their fortified formation, I charged with the flow of the situation wanted me to go. There was no bridge below my feet, just the chained parapet dangling over the ferocious sea. Floating, hovering, IContinue reading “Chained Parapet #Finale”

Chained Parapet #11

DANGER! KEEP OUT! the sign was the first thing that came into my sight. “Screw this.” I uttered under my breath, “I’m done with these shit.” I picked up the belongings that I had left there, running to the chained parapet that led me in the first place. As my pace was crescendo, the unfaltering bunchContinue reading “Chained Parapet #11”

Chained Parapet #10

The old grandfather clock stood singularly in the dusty, sombre room. “Hello. Human. Glad to meet you again.” it said in a computerised voice. I laid against the concrete wall. my knees were jerking uncontrollably, contorting in a way or another. “Afraid not. Jeckell and Hyde are my underlings, they have received my gift.” whatContinue reading “Chained Parapet #10”

Chained Parapet #9

I woke up in the dilapidated wooden house in my dreams, the interior looked more or less the same as the vision just before I woke up. My head was spinning, blurred with the familiarity of this place, it was as if I had flown back in time just after I had lost everything. ItContinue reading “Chained Parapet #9”

Chained Parapet #8

The ambiance of the forest was of pin-drop silence, not even the swishing of leaves resounded in my ears. I stopped, hid myself behind a tall bush, not even a sound was heard. I thought to myself, what is happening? I tried stepping on the ground, brushing my legs on the leaf covered floor, my chest wasContinue reading “Chained Parapet #8”

Chained Parapet #7

Transformed almost instantaneously, the room reverted back to the initial position where I was not yet spotted by the monks. The towering monasteries were unified as one big pearl white edifice standing singularly in front of the congregation. I tried not to succumb to my inquisitiveness, I made sure I was fully equipped, when IContinue reading “Chained Parapet #7”

Chained Parapet #6

“John… JOHN!” Dave’s voice shook me up, it was the haunted building from our childhood. How… Is this happening? Isn’t Dave gone? I was placed in a field of confusion. “Come on John, let’s cross the bridge!” I allowed the memory to unravel itself, observing the minutiae point that I had overlooked. My over-analysing selfContinue reading “Chained Parapet #6”

Chained Parapet #5

Darkness did not conquer the sky, it was clear as if the day had just started in this continent. I jogged through a dense forest, it was uncanny, the silence that was emitted in the forest. My pace did not drop, I ran faster, somebody is on me, I sense danger, accelerated through the forest. Hum… Hum… thereContinue reading “Chained Parapet #5”