Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.



End Of The Line?

Half walking, half trampling through the steps that I was taking, pacing forwards as if nothing could stop me, but me. I was wearied, my energy was sucked out clean by lethargy itself. Profuse sweat stuck on me, covering my... Continue Reading →



Time is flying. I am still not in the know. Senseless of time. I am numb. Weeks and weeks Coruscated across my eyes. I am still The same old me. A heart surgery Cannot change a person. It is the... Continue Reading →

F*** It

Losing myself, Into the abyss Of reality itself. Doing the things That I do not like Which will indirectly Tire me out Easily. I do not want This life to be like this To be consistently Fulfilling others' Needs. Entangled... Continue Reading →


= The question paper stared at me, It knew me, I was in oblivion. = I got up, Went for the toilet. = Hiatus. = Still nothing. = Time's up! Shit. No luck indeed. I let myself sink Into my... Continue Reading →

“I’m Tired.”

Maundering into the stiffened body, my consciousness was instantly rejecting going back into the reality. The pain, my back; the strain, my stress; the pressure, Damn it. I slumped back into my fetus posture, discomfort was hugging me as insomnia caught me... Continue Reading →

Not Dodged, Embraced.

After three classes back to back and a plate of mamak fried rice, here I was with Desmond arriving at a futsal court in PJ. My mind was fuzzy, wearied in many ways, I was not in the mood of... Continue Reading →

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