End Of The Line?

Half walking, half trampling through the steps that I was taking, pacing forwards as if nothing could stop me, but me. I was wearied, my energy was sucked out clean by lethargy itself. Profuse sweat stuck on me, covering my body with salt paste. My vision was partially cloaked in darkness where my internal compassContinue reading “End Of The Line?”

F*** It

Losing myself, Into the abyss Of reality itself. Doing the things That I do not like Which will indirectly Tire me out Easily. I do not want This life to be like this To be consistently Fulfilling others’ Needs. Entangled in between Me and myself; Reality and conscience; I was stuck, I could not thinkContinue reading “F*** It”

“I’m Tired.”

Maundering into the stiffened body, my consciousness was instantly rejecting going back into the reality. The pain, my back; the strain, my stress; the pressure, Damn it. I slumped back into my fetus posture, discomfort was hugging me as insomnia caught me off-guard. I caught hold of myself, exhausted yet undefeated. Sleep, just sleep. Cajoling myself, pantomiming to themContinue reading ““I’m Tired.””

Not Dodged, Embraced.

After three classes back to back and a plate of mamak fried rice, here I was with Desmond arriving at a futsal court in PJ. My mind was fuzzy, wearied in many ways, I was not in the mood of having any sports. But, it was with my colleagues, it could be made as anContinue reading “Not Dodged, Embraced.”