Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




Shriveled at a corner, cocooned in a disgraceful fashion. I was drowning, losing my breath to the bottom, heaving frantically for air. But, I stopped, I lost hope to abject submission, it was helpless, it was dead. I hugged myself... Continue Reading →

Losing Touch with Originality

After attending Word Camp KL 2017,┬ásomething hit me hard, it was an awakening, a roar into the unconscious me that I was oblivion about, I knew so little that I did not know that I was controlled by numbers (my... Continue Reading →


Shaking, quivering, I knocked over the obstacles in front of me, just to get to her. I rushed, the malodorous green sordid suspension in the air was catching up to me, the mask was in my hand, I needed to... Continue Reading →

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