am i loyal, brave and true?

21 indeed is a weird age. I wander and wonder, why are things the way they are, what is it going to be in the future, when am I going to meet someone special, how to keep my principles in check from the dread of life, who are the people that I can really dependContinue reading “am i loyal, brave and true?”

silently shouting

I have not written a post about my feelings in a long while, in a pure, raw and unedited manner. Seemingly these types of posts will look more like a fiasco of thoughts rather than an actual post. I feel that I need this type of purge from time to time in effort to cleanContinue reading “silently shouting”

define catharsis #22

a therapy a way when there is no way a real talk a relationship with God a place to vent i did this all because i had no one i chose no one to help me out of this hell that i created for myself. i need to cross this bridge. the bridge of facingContinue reading “define catharsis #22”

Catharsis #1

prying open the deepest ends of my heart, there was nothing more to be expected, everything was emptied out of me a year or so ago, when things started to get awry. i have been in this constant state of misery, pain, fear, cowardice, foolishness. i am mired in the cesspool from hell, i needContinue reading “Catharsis #1”

Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

Breathing silently, Deeply. Life is passing us by. I want to know How I Am still alive, right now? This lingering dilemma Questions My existence, purpose and values. The realm of possibility Is vast Beyond my imaginations. Anything can Happen Anytime, anywhere. As the incident Hits me I must be able to fit in. AdaptabilityContinue reading “Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.”

Talk Too Much.

Looking at you, Making me wonder, How much I don’t know, And want to know about you. It is inevitable, You are painted Across my mind, Throughout the days. I could not get you Out of my mind, Perhaps, you are Really the one. Oops. Shit.  My mind is doing the talking, I must hideContinue reading “Talk Too Much.”


Knock. Knock.  It’s here. The feeling, it’s here. It did not have the intention to leave soon, or eventually. Mixed emotions, a tired heart, I could not care less, or bother more about this enigmatic feeling for you. Timing was off, everything in my life was starting to plunge into the deepest nadir of all,Continue reading “Uncertain”

Are You Home?

A dwelling place, Not constant, But consistently changing; Never somewhere physical, But at some times; Time changes us, Redefines home for us From time to time. My bed, my toilet, My sweet spots, My computer, All of these spots, Transient, yet are still part of our memories. Fond, bittersweet, To abject homelessness, Home does notContinue reading “Are You Home?”

Redefining Pain, Life, Stress.

Help. Life is filled with too much, Too many predicaments, Inundating my purpose with fog, The clarity of life. Pain. My back, My neck, My chest, My body, Aching, straining, throbbing, Beating in sync with the almost defeated me, Bent, but not broken, Yet. Inferiority. The inability to do something, To feel the compunction ofContinue reading “Redefining Pain, Life, Stress.”