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14-Hour Phone Detox on Valentine’s Day

Phone detox is an act of putting away my phone for a certain period of time. In conjunction of Valentine's day, I wanted to treat myself or torture myself into not touching my phone for 14 hours straight (because today... Continue Reading →

love so simple

The somnolent gaze of the moon peeked through the window panes of the dimly lit living room where I sprawled across the sofa, lying lazily after a routine schedule of work. Jane was not home yet. Thousands of possibilities shot... Continue Reading →

What Is Love?

There was two men- friends, one was heeding for advice, one was the listener. The man began to share, "I had fell in love three times in my life." the listener nodded his head, paying close attention, "But, none of... Continue Reading →

What Is Love?

Waiting. Never a pleasant one, but it has become mandatory, a custom that is honed by Malaysians greatly, we prefer to do things slowly because we want to assure the best result will be culminated from this elongated process of... Continue Reading →

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