Berpuasa, Fasting.

Waking up five in the morning, where the sun had not even kissed the horizon, not even shedding the limelight to the sky, I checked my phone nonchalantly after prying my eyes opened. Gotten up, brushed, washed, everything done. Why not fast for today? I challenged myself. Why not? I set myself for the day of no foodContinue reading “Berpuasa, Fasting.”


The soothing water cascaded into my shoulders, leaving me with a numb sensation. I sat cross-legged, under the waterfalls of the Amazon, a majestic place where my escape plan was made true, but a mishap happened, my soul was not utterly released from the treachery. I took a deep breath, relishing, cherishing every single ounceContinue reading “Scoured”


The exponential growth of the population of humans is directly proportional to the enhancement of Science and technology which could stimulate the furtherance of the quality of life for humans. The modernization of the world ushered in an assortment of more complicated adversities which would become a hindrance to those who could not astutely elucidate theContinue reading “Learning”