Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.




The sea was calm, cool and collected as I sailed through the resplendent blue reflected from the surface of the sea. I rowed my way along with the waves of the sea, orchestrated with the rhythm of my heart. My... Continue Reading →

Riding Tides

The air in the wee hours of the day was exceptionally normal. The faint blue skies, the shimmer glow of the morning sun, the breeze from the oceans, the height of the waves, everything was at a good condition for... Continue Reading →


Sober on my shot of vodka in the dead of the night, the gossamer thread of me hanging within reality and fantasy was about to be torn apart by all of these alcohols. Leading myself into a world that I... Continue Reading →

Berpuasa, Fasting.

Waking up five in the morning, where the sun had not even kissed the horizon, not even shedding the limelight to the sky, I checked my phone nonchalantly after prying my eyes opened. Gotten up, brushed, washed, everything done.¬†Why not... Continue Reading →


The soothing water cascaded into my shoulders, leaving me with a numb sensation. I sat cross-legged, under the waterfalls of the Amazon, a majestic place where my escape plan was made true, but a mishap happened, my soul was not... Continue Reading →


The exponential growth of the population of humans is directly proportional to the enhancement of Science and technology which could stimulate the furtherance of the quality of life for humans. The modernization of the world ushered in an assortment of... Continue Reading →

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