Just, STOP!!!

The revamping of my new self has been greatly disrupted by school, and mainly because of my feeble self with the lack of grit. My life is skewed away again, not on drugs, but with the addiction of wasting time. I wonder why do I favour the act of doing nothing by browsing superfluous videosContinue reading “Just, STOP!!!”

My Choice

People are taking foundations, A-levels, speed tracking their way in order to get a degree as soon as possible, this is how the Malaysian’s parents’ mindset work. Pushing their child to be better, to be faster, to be the best for their future. I am not against foundations or A-levels, I envisage the betterment inContinue reading “My Choice”


People were walking, zipping past me in a blurring speed. I was cupped in my thoughts, head sank low into my breast, casually skimming the vicinity of people. My vision was promiscuous, picking up minutiae from the rushing crowd. Rumination¬†of the trivial yet abstruse questions started to fill my vacuous thoughts. Why do we rush?Continue reading “Why?”