What Went Wrong? (A Letter To WordPress)

Dear WordPress and the lovely blogging community: Is it just me? Or is it affecting the whole WordPress community? Why are our works not being exposed as much as last few months ago? What actually went wrong, WordPress? My writing style has been evolving from time to time, but I still keep my touch onContinue reading “What Went Wrong? (A Letter To WordPress)”

Code of Conduct (Word Camp KL 2017 Experience)

“You shouldn’t go, you would find it boring.” my boss told me, “By right, you know more than them, so why go?” I still went, a controversial aftertaste. Google Maps, get in the car, get to the spot.┬áIt took me half an hour despite of not having any traffic on the road to get toContinue reading “Code of Conduct (Word Camp KL 2017 Experience)”