China is a country where the economy has grown exponentially over these past few years, being on par with the economy giants of the contemporary. However, when the economy flows in too quickly, the people there are still stagnant at their old times where moral values were kept aside, and not acquired. “Croakk! Phewt!” theContinue reading “Unruly”


Day three, we woke tired, 11 am or so. Xiao Ping, brought us to walk around the vicinity and took a bus to the heart of the XiaMen. In comparison, Malaysia’s police are damn lazy, you can only see their shadows during Ramadhan month or some festive holidays. They want money but do not wantContinue reading “寻潘之根(四)”


Picking up from the last time, we had a small tea party. We headed back to the mainland next, and they let us back to the hotel to take a breather. We had dinner after that. Sorry no food pics again. Haha. I have respect for my food, I do not want to help themContinue reading “寻潘之根(三)”


The day started off early, we had a breakfast at the hotel before taking off for the trip to this island, gu lang yu, the Chinese characters are in the picture above. The dock was packed with people, and they were relentless as China people would always be. We were led by the tour guide, XiaoContinue reading “寻潘之根(二)”


As I stepped foot into China, everything seemed the same as Malaysia except the weather is hotter, and the people are a bunch of lowly educated bunch. I know how to speak Chinese, eventually I could understand everything there, just needed to catch up with their slang. The first few photos are of low qualityContinue reading “寻潘之根(一)”

Bornt On A Silver Platter, Biting Off A Silver Spoon.

China is a country with the economy that is growing exponentially, and the density of humans in it is expanding with great speed. Although the government of China set a restriction to the child birth by one child per family in the past decades, and two children per family just recently. The implementation of thisContinue reading “Bornt On A Silver Platter, Biting Off A Silver Spoon.”